The Company

Beckstoffer Vineyards has played an integral role in the evolution of Northern California’s wine grape industry since 1970. We are dedicated solely to acquiring, farming, and preserving vineyards that produce exceptional wine grapes in Northern California’s top wine-producing areas.


Since the company’s inception, we have been focused on bringing modern business practices and strategies to the industry and significantly increasing the quality of grape growing through a commitment to contemporary farming practices and as a strong proponent of using technology in the vineyards.

Beckstoffer Vineyards’ six Napa Heritage Vineyards demonstrate Napa Valley’s unique terroir throughout the valley and have produced world-class wines for over one hundred years. Exceptional fruit from these famed vineyards is sold to Napa’s most talented winemakers and esteemed wineries who showcase each vineyard’s nuance through their highly acclaimed and highly scored wines.


Beckstoffer Properties holds the ownership primarily through Family Trusts of 4,000 acres of vineyards in Napa, Mendocino, and the Red Hills of Lake County for the Beckstoffer family.


Beckstoffer Farming Services is the unrivaled leader in exceptional grape growing due to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and a profound understanding of our vineyards. Our viticultural team employs state-of-the-art technology and dedicates themselves to nurturing the vines throughout the growing seasons, yielding optimal fruit development. The result is a collection of vineyards that consistently yield grapes of unparalleled quality, coveted by renowned winemakers for crafting expressive and exceptional wines. Through our commitment to quality and respect for the land, Beckstoffer Vineyards is an icon of excellence in farming.